Tapping Into Your Inner Wisdom

Marion Aug retouched dec 2013We are all endowed with an intuitive wisdom which can lead us to happiness, peace and well-being. We have only to learn to listen.

Over three decades ago I embarked on an incredible journey.

It wasn’t my intention. I thought I was just going into therapy to get over my binge eating disorder–what did I know?  Sick of obsessing about weight, diets and bingeing, I chose a non-diet approach based on the then unheard of notion that one could trust the body to regulate weight and eating.  My therapy group was co-led by two women–Susie Orbach (who subsequently wrote Fat is a Feminist Issue,) and Carol Munter (who went on to co-author Overcoming Overeating).  Giving up dieting was scary, but I was desperate for relief so I plunged in.  I quickly leared that my body possessed a unique wisdom that could tell me when I was hungry, what I needed to eat, and how much food it needed.  I learned that my body could regulate my weight without any conscious effort on my part.  No more diets!  No more obsessing about my weight! And no longer was I consumed by thoughts about food every hour of the day.

But that was only the beginning of my journey.

Over time a marvelous thing began to happen.  I learned that this same inner wisdom could guide me in more than just my body’s food needs.  I could trust that inner voice of wisdom to tell me what I needed emotionally and spiritually as well as physically.

As a therapist, I applied the approach to people with whom I was working and marveled as they grew.  Guided meditations, self-generated imagery and the exciting new techniques from the field of energy psychology (most notably EFT tapping) have formed the basis of our work together.  I’ve learned a lot along the way, both from my own inner work experiences and through my experiences as a therapist–how to listen to that voice of wisdom and how to distinguish it from the endless chatter that fills our interior worlds, and how to find the answers to all our questions by turning inside. The answers are all there. We have only to listen.

What began as an attempt to give up emotional overeating and bulimia (and, to be honest, maybe lose some weight in the process) led me on an inner journey and changed my life in every way possible.

That is what this website is about.  It is the fruit of 30 years of learning distilled into a form that can speed the process of healing immensely.  It is also the fruit of the labor of hundreds of others who have also taken that journey as they worked with me in therapy.

Many paths lead to that inner journey.  For me, it began with an effort to give up dieting and disordered eating. Others have started down the path after being diagnosed with a serious illness or facing the death of a loved one.

Through my podcasts, videos and links to a vast treasure trove of resources, I will help you successfully navigate your own journey. Our potential is unlimited. Come along with me and together we can go places we have only dreamed about.


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  1. March 22, 2015 at 3:19 am

    Your book (I also had some private sessions with you) was a lifeline to me on the path of recovery from compulsive eating. I went on to become a substance abuse counselor – specializing in eating disorders.
    What a pleasure to stumble on your site and know you continue to offer your hope, help and guidance to others. I have immense gratitude to you, Susie Orbach, Carol Munter and other eating disorder pioneers brave enough to teach that the solution was within ourselves – not in a diet.
    Many blessings to you.
    Susan Marlan

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